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Researchers report successful outcomes from a hand-held breast most cancers screening system that can detect breast most cancers biomarkers from a tiny sample of saliva. Chiral skyrmions are a special kind of spin textures in magnetic supplies with uneven trade Technology News interactions. They could be handled as quasi-particles and carry integer topological expenses. Ferromagnetism and antiferromagnetism have lengthy been identified to scientists as two lessons of magnetic order of materials.

  • A new study offers a brand new comprehensive look at the potential for flooding in a combined 32 cities along the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf coasts.
  • Accurate ‘time of dying’ estimates are a mainstay of homicide mysteries and forensic programs, however such calculations in the true world are often complex and imprecise.
  • Nvidia Corp. has claimed another milestone by overtaking Saudi Aramco in market worth, making the chipmaker the world’s third-most priceless public company after Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp.
  • Massive volcanic occasions in Earth’s historical past that released massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere regularly correlate with periods of severe environmental change and mass extinctions.
  • Biosensing technology developed by engineers has made it attainable to create gene check strips that rival typical lab-based exams in …